Self Employed Jobs Online: 6 AMAZING ways to earn by working from home

best self employed jobs to make money online

Start earning with these 6 online self employed jobs

If you are searching for self employed jobs online then GREAT because you are at the right place. You must be tired of your boring desk job or your boss. Maybe there is a strong ambition within you to accomplish something and prove your worth to people around you. In case if you are just satisfied with the job that you hate then feel free to leave. Many people are struggling financially so this post if for them. Here I present 6 best self employed jobs online that will definitly make your life easier. Scroll below to check out these online self employed jobs and you can even get started right now.

start earning with these 6 best self employed jobs

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1) Online Advertising Start Earning Now

financial freedom with online advertising self employed jobs

Online advertising keeps on generating huge revenue every year and it keeps on increasing. In  2015, companies spent around $50 billion and in 2017 it will be even more. All you need is your computer skills and you can start earning. You have to create ad yourself and send it to companies. With today’s software it has becomes easier to create ad so don’t worry about programming in this self employment. But it will require 1 or 2 hours of effort everyday so be prepared. There is a platform called Legit online jobs which will help you. They have step by step system to teach you and make money online.

Benefits of Online advertising

  1. Only your computer skills required. No need of programming.
  2. Huge demand for these type of self employed jobs
  3. Decent pay depending on your effort. Peope have earned above $9000 per month.


  1. It might be a slow start in beginning and takes consistant efforts to earn thousands of dollar.

2) Paid Surveys Start Earning Now

financial freedom with paid survey self employed jobs

This self employed jobs are simpliest of all. All you have to do is fill out surveys by trying products and you will be paid for it. Normally people think that filling out survey’s will only bring few dollars. However, on gold opinion platform you will earn about $4000 per month.

Benefits of Paid Surveys from gold opinion

  1. less time consuming and low efforts required
  2. decent income you can earn
  3. Earn points by filling surveys and exchange it for around 20 different kinds of gift
  4. Gold opinion charges less money for membership. Even lesser than other platform.
  5. One week trial for $1 only!


  1. Not the most ambitious option since you will earn only few thousand dollars. Its mainly good for side income.

3) Amazon kindle publishing Start Earning Now

financial freedom with kindle publishing self employed jobs

Amazon kindle is the biggest giant when it comes to selling books. Stefan James is a well-respected internet millionaire and reveals the fastest way to make money on amazon kindle. You can make about 6 figures of passive income per year with his system called Kindle money mastery 2. The best thing is that you don’t even need to write a book and you can publish a book within 24 hours. This is less of self employed jobs and more of solid business opportunity.

Benefits of kindle Money Mastery 2 system

  1. 30 in-depth videos and 21 lessons to get mastery over kindle business
  2. Downloadable worksheets to help your learning
  3. Access to personal tools and resources of Stefan James
  4. 7 free bonus lessons
  5. 30 day money back guarantee
  6. High potential to earn money, about 6 figures.


  1. It will take some time to learn everything and some initial investment before jumping to kindle business

4) Social Media Jobs Start Earning Now

People love to post on social media everyday. Now you can even be paid for it. If you are a social media savy person then this self employed jobs is perfect for you. Companies need people to advertise for them on social media. Since they don’t have time for it so they outsource this work. Paidsocialmedia is a popular platform where you can earn few thousands of dollars every month on social media.

Benefits of Paidsocialmedia platform

  1. No need of any special knowledge. Just posting on facebook and twitter.
  2. Different types of jobs to choose from
  3. Companies will give you FREE sample products so that you can test it (But it’s yours in the end).


  1. Not an ambitious option compared to other jobs here and sometimes create boredom.

5) Affiliate Marketing Get Free Membership

This self employed jobs is for the most ambitious people out there. Affiliate Marketing has created many millionaires out there and will continue do so. You have to create a website then promote products of other companies and earn commission. Cost of setting up is low which is the best part of this field. In fact you can promote products without having a website also. This self employed jobs has highest earnings but will take lots of efforts and learning to reach there. Hence, This is for only ambitious and persistant souls out there.

There is a website called affilorama that will provide you with enough resources and training for free. You just have to sign up for free membership above. Free membership is the best way to start for beginners. If you are more serious then checkout Premium membership trial.

Benefits of affilorama

  1. 100 free training videos and forums to learn about affiliate marketing
  2. Has tools to help you in marketing and website performance
  3. Has premium membership only for $1 trial for one month. Contains advance training to build your website faster with more benefits. Highly recommended for beginners.
  4. Contains a package called AffiloBlueprint which provides step by step method to setup website and earn money.
  5. Has a package called AffiloJetpack which provides you will 5 ready made website. This is the best way to start earning money immediatly with less effort.


  1. Huge amount of effort and learning required if you start by yourself. Unless you get AffiloJetpack where you will start earning money in few days.

6) Online writing job Start Earning Now

financial freedom with online writing self employed jobs

self employed jobs that is perfect if you want to be an online freelance writer. Passion for writing is the most important aspect to make you successful here. Write an article for any job which you apply. Then you will earn money once you submitting it.

Benefits of online freelance writing jobs

  1. In this self employment you can write many different types of content. Some of them are articles, blog post, ebooks .etc. You will keep on getting challenging writing task that is out of your comfort zone, hence improving your skills.
  2. you are the one who will decide which subject to write on. Hence freedom to write on any topic which you like.
  3. earn $50 or even more depending on your quality of writing.
  4. You dont need a degree or high level skills here. Just good writing skills are enough.
  5. This job is in huge demand as new business keeps on coming up. People from all around the world will be posting request. Therefore, this self employed jobs will stay even of your country’s economy goes down.


  1. You need to have good level of writing skills for higher pay
  2. It might be time consuming to write articles and create boredom if you lack passion for writing.


There are millions of people struggling with the job which they hate.There is no need to struggle when the solution already exist. I hope that these self employed jobs and my post helps the people in need. Share the post and spread it to help people like that. Thanks for reading and start working at home now.

-By Sultan Morbiwala

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